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March 16, 2019

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The Ultimate Guide to Beating the Hair Drug Test

The hair follicle drug test is slowly becoming one of the most widely used forms of drug testing to date. The drug test is more efficient when compared to other drug tests such as urine drug test and blood drug test. In this test, the specimen that will be tested is hair that shall be removed from your head using scissors. The drug test will be able to detect drug use within 90 days or 3 months preceding the date of the test. When this drug test is carried out on you, it will be able to detect whether or not you have abused drugs such as PCP, marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and opioids such as codeine and 6-acetylmorphine among others. Compared to the blood test, it is a cheaper alternative and in comparison to the urine test, which detects drug use within days preceding the test, it is more efficient. During time of employment or in the hiring process, many companies are now opting to use the hair follicle drug test for the above reasons.

The scientific processes of the testing will be carried out in a lab. On the other hand, the specimen to be used for the testing can be acquired from any location. The extraction of the specimen for the testing shall be supervised by the employer if they ordered it. During the extraction, the collector will require 100 to 120 hair follicles that can be extracted from any part of the body especially the crown of the head. It is important to note that washing, dying or using styling products on your hair will not affect the accuracy of the drug test. However, beating this test is not entirely impossible and the following are some guidelines on how to beat it.

There are many misconceptions on how one can beat the hair follicle drug test but the main way to beat the hair follicle drug hair test is to use products from the right sources. The trick is in getting the right seller such as this company. When buying these products from the internet ensure that you check out the reviews that former users have made about the product in terms of delivering the expected results. This information is very important since it will enable you to make a decision on whether to buy or reject the product. The reputation of the seller on the internet is also an important factor to have in mind when buying the products. The seller should have a good track record on the internet. When buying the detox product on the internet, you will also need to factor in its price. A quality product might cost much but it will be a worthy investment if it saves your job. Ensure that you get a home test after using the product to ensure that it worked.
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